Many people around the globe are facing challenges as a result of COVID-19 and safety measures governments have put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus.

While health officials across Canada were encouraging us to stay home and practice physical distancing, many communities and businesses were looking for ways to help out and give back to their communities. 

Shirinisara wants to recognize our frontline workers who are working hard to keep us healthy and safe. As a show of gratitude, Shirinisara has sourced 750 gift bags of fresh and delicious cookies and delivered them to the frontline healthcare workers at North York General Hospital and three other hospitals.

Here are some festive photos from Shirinisara thanking Dr. Joshua Tepper (CEO of North York General Hospital) and all our hardworking frontline heroes, in the presence of MP. Ali Ehsassi (MP of Willowdale). 

Our hearts for everyone in this battle and we can not express how much we appreciate each and every healthcare professional. Thank you so much for all your continuous hard work and bravery.